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Welcome AmeriCorps Vistas

The AEDC would like to welcome the AmeriCorps Vistas.  We look forward to Vista members Ryan, Chris, and Tia joining our team.

New Project Manager

The AEDC would like to welcome the newest member to their team.  Danielle Nelson is the new Project Manager.  Welcome to the team, Danielle!

New Albion Food Hub Manager

The Albion Economic Development Corporation is excited to welcome Caitlyn Berard to the team. Caitlyn is the new Albion Food Hub Manager.  Welcome...

Albion Farmer’s Market Now Open Saturdays

The Albion Farmer’s Market is now open Saturdays from 9am to 1pm at the Stoffer Plaza which is located behind the Bohm Theatre.  Come on down and check out what we’ve got to...