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Health and Safety

It’s something everyone wants, a feeling of safety and well-being is important when choosing a community to call home – important to you, your employees, and your customers.  That’s why Albion emphasizes prevention and quick response in all its public health and safety services.

We all want to be free from fear, free from illness. Albion is working just a little harder to give you that freedom.

The Albion Health Care Alliance is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), organization based in Albion, Michigan. The Alliance was created in 2003 to promote wellness, access to health care, and care coordination to enable people in the greater Albion Community to achieve their optimal health status.

Albion Community Ambulance is a non-profit, 24 hour service, covering 350 square miles around Albion since 1966. The community shows its support to the service through a sponsor membership program. Other revenue comes from response calls. The combined fees from subscriptions and response calls allow the service to be financially self-sustaining.

Located in Marshall Michigan, Oaklawn Hospital enjoys a reputation for advancing medicine and providing compassionate, personal care. Service areas include Calhoun County and parts of Branch and Eaton counties. With a medical staff of more than 150 physicians representing 30 specialties, Oaklawn prides itself in providing facilities, equipment and technology that are usually only found at larger health systems.

In 1984, The City of Albion combined its Police and Fire operations into one public safety unit. This cost-effective arrangement has led to increased coverage in both areas. The City maintains a Class 6 fire insurance rating.

Albion and Sheridan townships are patrolled by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police.

Sheridan Township’s volunteer fire station is manned full-time. Sheridan township properties within 1,000 feet of city fire hydrants (which includes most industrial sites) are also rated Class 6. Albion Township’s Fire Department is a volunteer force which is located at the township hall. A mutual aid agreement ensures that each department will assist the others as needed.