The COVID-19 pandemic will disproportionately impact small businesses, owners, workers, and their families, especially minority owned and operated businesses. The Albion Small Business Pandemic Response Fund is intended to be a bridge program to provide local businesses time and opportunity to take advantage of the existing and pending COVID-19 SBA Loans, State, and Federal loan assistance programs. This in turn preserves small businesses, the economic engine of our local economy, while supporting the people directly affected at this critical time.
The Albion Small Business Pandemic Response Fund has two grant programs РMicro Grant & Pandemic Response Grant Рand two loan programs РRent & Mortgage Payment Program & Pandemic Response Loan. All programs require the applicant to demonstrate income loss resulting from Pandemic or Executive Orders issued to date.

Response Fund Program Guidelines (Downloadable PDF)

Response Fund Informational Flyer (Downloadable PDF)

Request a Relief Fund Application: Email Amy Deprez or Christine Bowman or call 517-692-3926.