The Albion Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is the Greater Albion Area’s leading economic development organization, offering confidential, comprehensive business services to our clients.  We work to invigorate the local economy by growing and attracting businesses, building workforce capabilities to alleviate conditions of unemployment and revitalizing Albion’s core business centers.  We strive to meet the needs of our prospective and existing companies by connecting them to the resources they need to grow and thrive.

  • Workforce & Business Development Initiatives: The AEDC supports partner organizations that offer opportunities for Albion area companies to upskill their workforce, retain or attract employees,  or to grow their business or pivot from their current business model to react to market conditions and industry trends. Contact a member of the AEDC Team for more information about current initiatives and possible associated grant funding.
  • Partner Opportunities: Using local suppliers can save your company time and money.  Share your needs with us and we will find a supplier to fit them.
  • Site Location Services: Let our team work with you to find a site that meets your needs.  Whether you are growing, consolidating or looking for a new site we will partner with commercial real estate brokers to find just what you are looking for and we will do it confidentially.
  • State & Local Incentives: Business incentives are available to new, expanding and relocating companies.  The AEDC Team is experienced and knowledgeable and will connect you with the incentive programs that fit your project.  We will work with you to ensure your project receives a comprehensive proposal that includes local and state resources to support your growing company.
  • Business Retention & Growth: Business retention efforts are a vital aspect of developing a successful, growing community. Approximately 80-90% of community job growth occurs through the expansion of existing businesses. Effective retention efforts lead us to assist with physical plant expansion and increased levels of employment. A healthy business leads to an improved sense of community morale and well-being.

Albion is home to a Federal Opportunity Zone. Opportunity Zones are intended to spur private investment, economic growth, and job creation in distressed areas, through tax incentives tied to the longevity of the investments. Contact us for more information.

2021 Business & Community Incentives Summary