Saturday farmer’s market

It’s beautiful autumn weather and we have beautiful autumn fruits and vegetables at the market…

Weather changing…cooler days are welcome; it feels like fall. The market is also changing…vendors are bringing in the pumpkins, hard-winter squashes, potatoes, apples, peaches and more of the fall produce. Sweet corn and melons are at their end….it’s time to get your tomatoes ‘canned’ or ‘frozen’ before they are gone. Cabbage is ready for making sour kraut; apples are coming in more for eating, baking and caramel treats. There is still plenty of ‘good things to eat’, to cook and to preserve.

And don’t forget all the choices of baked goods and fresh fruit. Michigan Maple Syrup, Renee Kreger Jewelry, Origami Owl jewelry, Novocain Customs Metal Art, the Crooked Nail Workshop, Dennis Reid II Caricature drawings, plants, collectibles, local honey and COFFEE!

The market accepts EBT Bridge Card, WIC Project Fresh Coupons, Senior Market Fresh Coupons, Prescriptions for Health, Albion Market Bucks, Albion Innovation Bucks and cash. Some vendors take credit cards.

 Contact market office at: or 517-629-3926.

“Shake the hand that feeds you!”

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