This weekend….September 21, 2015

Don’t forget the Saturday market – along with Festival of the Forks celebration all weekend around town.

Saturday market we will be near our usual location….find us in front of Thompson’s Brake and Alignment (weather permitting). There is still plenty of fruit and vegetables being harvested. It’s time to be canning, baking, making jams and jellies….freezing squash, dicing onions, green/red peppers and getting them into the freezer. Preserve and prepare while the fresh bounty is here.

The farmer’s market excepts EBT (Bridge Card), Senior Project Fresh, WIC Project Fresh, Prescriptions for Health, Albion Innovation Bucks, Albion Farmer’s Market Bucks and Cash. Some vendors take credit cards. Bring those coupons to the market before the season runs out.

We will have a float in the Festival of the Forks Saturday morning Parade.

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