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The Albion EDC works to assist and recruit business and industry in the greater Albion area.  We seek innovative solutions to modern business challenges, always mindful of the rich natural economic, and cultural heritage of our community.


With 11 colleges and universities within 60 miles and two colleges close to the city center, Albion is the perfect place to recruit new talent to help you grow your business as well as finding ongoing education for current employees.


The city of Albion is located on I-94, the busiest international trade route in the country.  The city also lies within a 250 mile radius of 16 major cities.

Business Incentives

Business retention efforts are a vital aspect of developing a successful, growing community.  This is why the Albion EDC offers incentives such as tax abatements, land pricing, and grant assistance.

Saturday farmer’s market

It’s beautiful autumn weather and we have beautiful autumn fruits and vegetables at the market… Weather changing…cooler days are welcome; it feels like fall. The market is also changing…vendors are bringing in the pumpkins, hard-winter squashes, potatoes, apples, peaches and more of the fall produce. Sweet corn and melons are at their end….it’s time to get your tomatoes ‘canned’ or ‘frozen’ before they are gone. Cabbage is ready for making sour kraut; apples are coming in more for eating, baking and caramel treats. There is still plenty of ‘good things to eat’, to cook and to preserve. And don’t forget all the choices of baked goods and fresh fruit. Michigan Maple Syrup, Renee Kreger Jewelry, Origami Owl jewelry, Novocain Customs Metal Art, the Crooked Nail Workshop, Dennis Reid II Caricature drawings,  plants, collectibles, local honey and COFFEE! The market accepts EBT Bridge Card, WIC Project Fresh Coupons, Senior Market Fresh Coupons, Prescriptions for Health, Albion Market Bucks, Albion Innovation Bucks and cash. Some vendors take credit cards.  Contact market office at: farmersmarket@albionedc.org or 517-629-3926. “Shake the hand that feeds you!”... read more

The market runs until October 31, 2015

Wednesday Farmer’s Market!  Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM. Autumn harvest is now…. Winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, red and white potatoes, lots and lots of tomatoes, cabbage, onions, cukes, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, raspberries, apples, plums and oodles of baked goodies! We have jewelry, metal art, personalized caricature sketches, plants, local raw honey, Maple Syrup…..farm fresh eggs and more stuff than I can list…just come to the market and see. The market is always changing….come and see the “new” vendors at the Albion Farmer’s Market! Customers can use their EBT Bridge Card, WIC Project Fresh Coupons, Senior Market Fresh Coupons, Prescriptions for Health, Albion Market Bucks, Albion Innovation Bucks and CASH. Some vendors take credit cards. See market clerk if you have questions.  Contact market office at: farmersmarket@albionedc.org or 517-629-3926.  Help support the vendors and tell them “thank you” for choosing the Albion Farmer’s... read more

This weekend….September 21, 2015

Don’t forget the Saturday market – along with Festival of the Forks celebration all weekend around town. Saturday market we will be near our usual location….find us in front of Thompson’s Brake and Alignment (weather permitting). There is still plenty of fruit and vegetables being harvested. It’s time to be canning, baking, making jams and jellies….freezing squash, dicing onions, green/red peppers and getting them into the freezer. Preserve and prepare while the fresh bou…nty is here. The farmer’s market excepts EBT (Bridge Card), Senior Project Fresh, WIC Project Fresh, Prescriptions for Health, Albion Innovation Bucks, Albion Farmer’s Market Bucks and Cash. Some vendors take credit cards. Bring those coupons to the market before the season runs out. We will have a float in the Festival of the Forks Saturday morning... read more


There are many reasons why Albion is a place where companies progress to the next level. Thanks to our prime geographic location, a variety of site options, low cost of doing business, and diversified and highly trained workforce with premier educational institutions, Albion is an attractive business community. read more




We are committed to ensuring Albion remains a place where your business can grow and your employees can prosper. Whether you need to expand your facility, recruit or retrain a team, or make business connections to further your growth, we’ve got the people, resources and information to help you. read more