Local Government

One of the nice things about a small town is that the government isn’t isolated. The folks up at City Hall aren’t remote bureaucrats – they’re your neighbors. Government at all levels – local, county, and state – must move faster and respond more efficiently in this age of speed and service. It’s something you should expect everywhere, and we’re making it happen here.

City of Albion

Albion was established by settlers from New York at the forks of the Kalamazoo River in 1835. The government of the city has evolved from pioneer beginnings into a modern City Manager/City Council form.

City offices and officials listed below may be reached at City Hall unless otherwise noted.

Address: Albion City Hall – William Rieger Municipal Building
112 W. Cass Street Albion, MI 49224
Phone: (517) 629-5535

Albion operates under a council/city manager form of government. The six council members are elected by precinct to four-year staggered terms; the mayor is elected at-large to a two-year term.

City Elected Officials

The Hon. David Atchison – Mayor
Vicky Clark – 1st Precinct
Lenn Reid – 2nd Precinct
Sonya Brown – 3rd Precinct
Marcola Lawler – 4th Precinct
Jeanette Spicer – 5th Precinct
Shane Williamson – 6th Precinct

City Staff

Interim City Manager: Scott Kipp (517) 629-3933
Finance Director: Tom Mead (517) 629-5535
City Attorney: Cullen Harkness (517) 332-5323
City Clerk: Jill Domingo (517) 629-7864
Chief of Public Safety: Scott Kipp (517) 629-3933
Interim Director of Public Works: Kent Phillips (517) 629-7887
Director of Recreation: Larry Williams (517) 629-5535

Albion Township

Albion Township Hall:
28051 F Drive South
Albion, MI 49224
Phone(517) 629-2289
Fax (517) 629-2768
Thomas Frank, Supervisor

Sheridan Township

Sheridan Township Hall:
13355 29 Mile Road
Albion, MI 49224
Phone(517) 629-2604
Fax (517) 629-8945
Richard Porter, Supervisor

Calhoun County

Kelli Scott, County Administrator
Gary Tompkins, County Commissioner, District 7

State of Michigan

Jim Haadsma, State Representative, District 62
Matt Hall, State Representative, District 63
Justin Amash, United States Congress, District 7
John Bizon, State Senator